Sunday, February 14, 2010


Valentines Day, the day you are supposed to share your love, so they say...However, this year for the big day we decided not to buy into all the candy for the kids and take them to a water park. We went to the Governors Inn in Caselton. A perfect little water park for small kiddos hesitant of the water. They had a BLAST!!! So Kurt and I decided that this will have to be a yearly thing for the Schlichting Fam. Here is a video of the kids have fun, unfortunately Jake and Ryan are not with this year, but hopefully soon they will get to join in on the fun. I also did not have my camera due to sending it in to get cleaned and then them junking it out due to some probs. So, to make a long story short I get a new one, but apparently they are so popular Best Buy is having troubles keeping them in the store. So I went and bought a film throw away!! WOW!!! Can we say ANNOYING!!! I haven't not been able to look at a picture I was taking in over 6 years...I sure hope they turn out! I can't wait to finally get my camera back. I am anxiously awaiting...for those of you that know me, you know that is very difficult. Luckily we decided to invest in a video camera and we were able to video some of their fun! Enjoy. Tavan is in the Green swim trunks and Eli is in the Blue.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas in Shey Town!

I Love Christmas so much! It is one of the best holidays. If only there was not so much snow and it was not so cold. However, we were able to make it to Sheyenne for Christmas this year, we were concerned with the weather announcements but we waited and left on Christmas Eve. We went to Diane and David Karlsbraaten's house, Miranda's aunt and uncles house, for dinner and some presents. The kids LOVED the homeade ice cream, which is a tradition that is super yummy! Let's not forget the lefsa! Thanks Diane! YUMMY!!! Jake and Ryan were not with on this Christmas, but we celebrate with them over the New Year.

Great Grandpa Axel with 4 of his great grandkids. Tavan and Danika are standing, Eli and Landon(My cousins little boy 5 mo.)

Poppa with his double trouble, Eli is on the left and Tavan is on the right.

Danika got a new baby Allie for Christmas plus a new cradle to let her sleep in, she loves her so much!

Granda Kenny with Danika and Tavan!

Danika is sprinkling her reindeer food on the ground, hoping that Santa and the reindeer will come and visit her and her brothers. Remember, this is the girl that screams when she has to chat with the guy but still wants him to come and visit her.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Danika’s Christmas Dance!


IMG_4568 Auntie Kyky and Uncle Toby
also came to see her!  She
was SO excited that they
were coming to see her. 
Thanks for making her day
she LOVED it!
Here is Danika’s very first
Dance Performance.  They
put on their xmas
performance at an Elderly
Home in Hawley, MN.  She
has been taking Dance
classes there since
September.  We were very excited to see what she
has learned.  Mommy was
pretty excited, driving
there with butterflies in
my stomach.  She did
great!!! We are so proud of
IMG_4533 Here are Daddy and Eli Left and Tavan Right and Jacob.  We were packing a crowd in there.  Unfortunately Ryan had a Cub Scout activity so could not make it.
Here Danika is with her Dance Instructor Amber, she loves her so much!  Thanks Amber!
IMG_4566 Her Dance class!  She is the middle on the end. IMG_4536
Here is Mommy with her
little Princess! 

"The Santa Scream Fest!"

We've been busy for the last year, but not much of an excuse for not updating our blog! I guess it's about time to catch up. Let's start with Christmas! We promise to start updating more frequently!

Here it is! The Annual Santa Visit. As you can see the twins are not a big fan. Eli is left and Tavan Right. Danika is not in this picture, she actually ran away! The last time I have posted on this Blog was last year at this time. My how time flies! Below we wrestled Danika into the picture, she had to sit on Mom's lap. Of course, Jake and Ryan are loving the guy in the Red suit! We were told that out kids had won the scream fest so far! We are SO proud!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Santa made time out of his busy schedule to come and hang out with the kids in Dilworth. The kids got to go and sit on his lap and chat a bit, however we had some that didn't think to much of this, even though they received a pretty cool bag of candy and a stuffed animal. This was held at the fire hall in Dilworth and they had it all decorated up with Christmas Decorations. The kids also got to go and check out the fire trucks.
Jacob and Ryan sat on Santa's lap together!

Eli(left) and Tavan(right). Eli is wondering what Tavan is crying about. The Guy in Red is not so bad!

Eli hanging out with Santa!

Tavan still doesn't like this Santa fellow!

Here's Danika. Clearly, Tavan is following in her footsteps. Poor Santa, I wonder if he had bruises after today! We are probably mean parents, making our kids go through such awful torture during this time of year. At least Danika is smart enough to figure out who the real source of the gifts is. Whenever we tell her that she will need to 'ask Santa' for something she wants, she just says "NO, I'll go ask Grandma!!!"

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Ryan as Darth Vader with all his candy!
Tavan as Flounder.

Eli as Sabastian the Crab.

Danika as Ariel the Bride. From "The Little Mermaid."
Halloween went so fast. Here are pics of the kiddos. I missed Jake as he ditched us for friends and then had a sleepover. But that is what happens. He was a Twins Baseball player, so you can pretty much imagine what he looked like. Danika, Tavan and Eli were all characters from one of D's favorite movies "The Little Mermaid". Danika was Ariel as the bride, Tavan was Flounder the fish and Eli was Sabastian the crab. Ryan was Darth Vader. They all looked great and had a fun time trick or treating and got lots of candy for Dad to eat!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Birthday Madness!

Well, October starts off with Jake's birthday on the 19th. We celebrated this on the 17th of October. Him and his friends went to Courts Plus fitness center to begin. We rented a gym for them to go and play games. Then they came back to our house for cake, presents and a sleepover. He had a football themed party. Here in the picture is the Dilworth Rebels stadium and little footballs. The picture is Jake, Ryan (in the red) his friends and his two little Sisters Danika(wearing pink) and Abigail Johnson.
My Babies are 1! Cake is YUMMY!

Next, we have Tavan and Eli's birthday on the 22nd. They turned 1. This was a very difficult time for Miranda. Her babies are 1. It is very difficult to figure out where the past year has gone. Since, Danika's birthday is on the 26th. we celebrated a combo birthday party with the three of them. Danika is now 3 years old going on 16. WOW! She is an amazing person. As you see Giraffe also celebrates with her. Here are the three of them with their Cakes. We did Giant cupcakes for the twins and Danika being a huge Dora fan had Dora's Backpack. (Thanks to Oma for the beautiful decorating help)

My Little princess is 3.